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   Since Mount Vernon and Knox County were first settled in the early 1800’s there have been more than 100 historians, journalists, novelists, playwrights, poets and other writers who have called this area their home for some period of time.
   We are indebted to the late Dr. Keith Clinker, antiquarian bookseller and retired professor at the Mount Vernon Nazarene University, for his great work in producing many biographical sketches and bibliographies for these writers, and for the many volumes from his collection which have been donated to our Museum as well. We will continue his work by adding new information about these and other writers as it becomes available.

   Persons having additional information about these or other Knox County authors are encouraged to contact the KCHS Museum at 740-393-5247.

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  Harold Chase



  Josephine Scribner Gates       



  Lucretia Isoble Davidson

  Walter Lowrie Hervey

  Bernard L. Jefferson



  Osborn Oldroyd

  Frank Hurd Roberts

  Charles H. Scribner

  Anna Louise Strong

  Martin Welker

  John W. White



  Amelia Bloomer

  Lecky Harper

  James F. Lee

  John W. White



  Delano Ames

  John Taintor Foote

  John Samuel Gotschall

  George Morrow Kahrl

  Paul Kester

  Vaughn Kester

  Lorin Andrews Lathrop
     (Kenyon Gambier)

  William Pennell, M.D.

  Harvey Scribner

  William Wright (Dan DeQuille)



  N. N. Hill

  A. Banning Norton

  Harvey Scribner

  George F. Smythe

  Albert B. Williams











   Curtis Kinney



   Daniel Decatur Emmett



   Paul Kester



   I. W. Bell

   Celize Foote Blackledge

   James Blair

   Robert Lowell, Jr.

   John Crowe Ransom

   Eva Sparks Taylor



   John Marshall Barker

   Ernest Sutherland Bates

   Philander Chase

   Jean Baptiste Lamy

   William Andrew Leonard

   William Jefferson Lhamon

   Bishop Charles McIlvaine

   Edwin Knox Mitchell

   Fr. Lawrence Mulhane

   George Smythe

   Ralph Sockman



   Oscar Adams

   Sophia Herrick

   Frank Spindler

   Eli Todd Tappan



Lansford Hastings




Harold B. Chase

    (ca 1889- ?)


   Harold B. Chase, growing up in Mount Vernon, Ohio in the early days of automobiles, made these mechanical wonders his life-long interest. Harold was born about 1889. His father, a lawyer, owned the Hiawatha amusement park, where early cars were always a drawing card at week-end events. In 1900 the Chase family moved to Washington, D.C. Harold was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown University.

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Lucretia Isobel Davidson

               (1869 - ? )

   Lucretia Davidson was an important national leader in elementary education. She was born in 1869 near Mount Vernon, the daughter of John W. and Elizabeth E. (Underwood) Davidson. While still a young girl she moved with her parents to La Porte, Indiana. She graduated from Columbia University in 1907, and spent most of her life in the teaching profession in the eastern states, though for a few years she served as State Supervisor of Elementary Schools in Wisconsin. She retired from teaching about 1930 and moved to Florida.

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Josephine Scribner Gates


   A very popular writer of childrens' books at the turn of the 19th-20th century was Josephine Scribner Gates. Josephine Scribner was born in Mount Vernon, Ohio, in 1859, the daughter of Charles H. Scribner, a Knox County lawyer. In 1869 the family moved to Toledo, Ohio. In 1881 Josephine married Charles Gates and spent the rest of her life in Toledo. Her brother, Harvey Scribner, a lawyer in Mount Vernon, was also a writer.

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Walter Lowrie Hervey

               (1862 - ? )

   Walter Lowrie Hervey was a well-known educator and author. He was born in Mount Vernon, Ohio, in 1862, the son of Rev. Dwight B. Hervey and Mary Elizabeth (Reeder) Hervey. Little is known about his early years. He received a B.A. degree in 1886 from Princeton University, and for a few years he taught Latin and Greek in secondary schools, presumably in the east.
   During that period Hervey married Antoinette Bryant. In 1889 he received an M.A. degree from Princeton, and became Dean of Faculty at New York Teachers College while continuing his graduate work at Princeton. He received a PhD in 1892.

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